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„Music in every cell of his body“

- Volksstimme

„He is passionate about his music. His songs are about Love, Loss and Freedom.“

- Basellandschaftliche Zeitung

Mike Low gave up his well-paid job to follow his passion: music. Today he inspires his audiences with energetic piano rock performances. Drawing on seemingly endless live energy and possessed of a soulful rock voice, Mike has been transforming concert crowds into a place of love and fun.

His pop songs are authentic, timeless and catchy. Mike Low touches his audiences' hearts with warmth, and passion. Mike Low will take you on a journey no matter where you begin, transforming a club stage, a candle-lit venue or a downtown bar into places of inspiration.

His songs „Can You Feel The Beat“ and „Lonely“ were produced by the renowned Marco Camasso (who worked for Dieter Bohlen in Hamburg and Mallorca).


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